About me

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That being said, I love to do globe-trotting over the weekends chasing clouds, hiking and watching beautiful sunsets. However over the week days, I do my regular boring job as software engineer, which pays the rent. I worry enough to loose my weekends not waking up on time to drive to a beautiful sun rise, still quite enjoy turning the alarms off to continue the late morning sleep.

Traveling and exploring new landscapes happened before I ever started working on the camera. Working behind a tripod and camera is often the best thing happened in my life, to be creative, to be a storyteller and unwind from the engineering mindset. Falling in love with nature and landscapes often means getting lost in the nature also! Once it was in a deserted trail after the sunset, searching for the ‘trail’ in pitch black, when watching stars surrounding the milky way over the dark skies of Idaho, when witnessing the golden rays of sun kissing the mountains of Shenandoah, when seeing the fall colors at Zion national park…. that list is never ending

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